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How to find my Sac State ID number ?


Sac state university is a public university in California. The foundation of this college in 1947 made it the eleventh oldest school in California state. The university has branches in Singapore.  The Moto of this university is to redefine the possible. The website of this university is www.csus.edu.

Now coming to the Mysacstate id number. This number is a unique identity of each student of the college. Using this number, you can get the profile of a single student at the university. The university has an organized online teaching section. This id number can be useful for the online classes provided by the university. Without this number, the students can’t get the online courses from the internet. The steps to get this ID from the website are discussed below.

Steps to Find Sac State ID Number

  1. From the website mentioned above, go to the sac state home page of the university.
  2. You will find a My Sac State button at the right corner of the page.
  3. You will get a MySacState 2.0 logo in the middle of the screen after the page is loaded completely.
  4. Tap the logo.
  5. You will get another page piping up on to your screen, click the login button given below.
  6. You get two slots for the username and password, respectively.
  7. Fill the slots with the correct information as provided to you by the school authorities for each student.
  8. Once you are over, tap the login button down the slots.
  9. Click on the student’s service option enclosed in a rectangular box below the MySacState logo.
  10. Once the page is loaded, you will find the sac state ID button to get your specific sac ID number.


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