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How to use Sac State WiFi?


Along with the other facilities, the sac state university also provides their sac State WiFi, including WiFi at the parking for the students who don’t have a strong internet connection to join the online classes offered by the school authorities.

It’s too simple to connect to the sac state’s official WiFi. This wireless connection has more than 1k WiFi access points with incredible speed.

Steps to connect to Sac State WiFi

  1. Go to the WiFi settings of the university.
  2. From among the WiFi connections available, select enduroam at the institution.
  3. Enter the username assigned to you by the authority.
  4. The correct password is to be entered below the username.
  5. Once you are over with your data inputting, tap join, or connect.
  6. The connecting process is over within a few seconds, and you can access the internet then.
  7. Tap join to access the internet.

Sac State WiFi for guests

The visitors within the campus can easily access the sac state WiFi through the steps mentioned above.

Sac State WiFi at Parking!

In concern with the online classes held at the Sacramento state university, the authority came up with a decision. Some students do not have high-speed internet at home to attend online courses. Now those students can access the MySacState WiFi from the parking structure. No parking charges would be applied to them is said by the higher authority.

The school also stated this service is only for the students to complete their academic online courses.

Other Ways to Connect Sac State WiFi

Via SacLink

  1. The sac university campus also has a guest connection.
  2. It’s simple to login via Sac State Guest Login.
  3. There are a few exceptions that can’t access this network, including gaming consoles, Alexa, and so on.

Via SacEvent

  1. There are different events taking place within the campus. For the visitors to the circumstances, this separate network is used. 
  2. The login procedure is the same, and the password of a specific event is to be provided by the event coordinator only.


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