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Florida State University is a famous university and is one of the top research universities in Florida. Under its capacity and reputation, it is a  leader in Florida graduate research. FSU has several small units. It includes Criminology & Criminal Justice, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, law, and many more. Almost 16 Departments are present in FSU. The most famous department is art and science which enrolls more than 10k students every year. 

To manage and synchronize every college and school, they installed a portal name, MyFSU. It supports students, staff, customers, and also alumni of this University. 

MyFSU Support 

FSU organized huge IT support for both teachers and students. To determine the proper functioning of the University, they installed a  support page in their portal. Here, you can get every detail of the help department including phone number and email address. Some of them are :

  • College of Business, phone numbers is 850/644-442 and email ID cobtech@cob.fsu.edu 
  • College of Communication and Information, the phone number is 850/644-8108. and email ID is support@cci.fsu.edu
  • Information Technology Services (ITS)    Phone number is 850/644-4357. 
  • College of Human Sciences    850/644-3865    , email ID is chstechsupport@fsu.edu
  • Research Computing Center, email ID is support@rcc.fsu.edu 
  • Scientific Computing, email Id is    ops@sc.fsu.edu 
  • University Libraries, a phone number is 850/644-5685   
  • Office of Distance Learning (Canvas) phone number is 850/644-8004 and email ID is canvas@fsu.edu.

FSU support tool is beneficial for both agents and group managers as it can satisfy the needs of the customers. Want to cooperate with the FSU service center? There are many tutorials available, weekly statistics reports, and many more. You can also start training as an agent or providing a group after submitting your basic contact details and category of training to the concerned department. 

If you are a customer and have queries, submit your questions on the official website of the portal. You may receive a reply via SMS or an email. 


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