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MyFSU Login Portal

MyFSU Login Portal

FSU has been proved to be one of the best universities in the country. The university is named after the name of the state where it is located. It’s one of the best research universities to date in Tallahassee. 1851 was the foundation year of this university. The specialty of this university is that it aims to provide scopes to the deserved students who can’t afford much to achieve their dreams. They provide a good amount as a scholarship via scholarship exams. Not only one it conducts a number of scholarship exams every year with new schemes. 

About myFSU 

Coming to the portal systems, like other reputed and advanced institutions FSU also hasi it’s an online portal. The portal is myFSU which has been designed with great presentations and with a highly secure environment. This platform requires high security since you are going through a number of payment procedure. You don’t need to go the university at Tallahassee for admissions and payment purposes. It becomes easy and secure for to you to complete and admission and registration process by paying online through myFSU. It’s used by millions of people across the globe who is a part of this university.

To create an account in myFSU you need to be a part of the Florida State University. You need to register yourself either as a student or as a teaching faculty or staff to get yourself registered in myFSU. 

Steps to Create MyFSU Login

  1. Use your browser to go to a search engine.
  2. Search for www.fsu.edu
  3. From the list of upcoming results popping up find out the login page.
  4. If you have found the login page you would also find an option to sign up.
  5. You will be asked to provide some details,fill them one by one carefully.
  6. Enter your full name, followed by registration number(which you get during your admission), enter the date of birth.
  7. Provide your personal contact number. Id you have more than one contact number or land number, do provide them separately so that during any home delivery of any important letter or study material you won’t face any issue. The same case is also applicable for the address. Provide your permanent address with landmarks for easy recognition.
  8. Provide secure password which can be case sensitive and must be of a minimum of eight characters including upper and lower case.
  9. To make sure you are not a robot pass the CAPTCHA test.
  10. Accept all the terms and conditions of the company to end the process.
  11. Tap continue to finish up creating your account.


  • Don’t mix up the sign in with sign up. Sign in denotes login which is discussed further where as sign up allows you to create your account.
  • Date of birth must be placed in the asked format according to the date month and year.

Login to myFSU

Before logging in your account you have to get your FSUID. This id is required to login to the portal. While creating your account you get the FSUID. 

Steps to Login

  1. From google.com go to the login page of FSU.
  2. Make sure you are connected to the web to load the login page. 
  3. Enter your FSUID as you finish the loading the home page.
  4. Followed by the id enter the correct password keeping a note that it is case sensitive.
  5. If you have both the login details correct tap login. This page may take a while to load.
  6. If your provided details is correct you can now access myFSU for all your educational work of FSU. 
  7. If you are an employee of the company get your FSUID during the time of your joining or registration.
  8. If you have finished creating your account in the web with the password you can easily login with that password.
  9. Tap login to access the portal.

Note: contact at the toll free number if you face any issues other than the internet connectivity.

Via the comment section you can also ask if you have any queries or any questions to ask.

FSU Directory Assistance: 850-644-2525. 

Below the login page you get the icons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

These icons will take you to the playstore if you don’t have these apps installed in the current device you are using else it will take you to the official page of the Florida State University of the application you have clicked. 

At the top id the page you have an option called the FSU voicemail. This allows you to access the portal via your category of access. If you are a teacher or staff then tap according to the option made available for you. This takes you to the sign in page. Once you sign in you can access the portal to outlook. 

A sign in help option is also available, which will guide you in an effective manner throughout your login processes. It’s also mandatory for you to go through the terms and policies before you sign in to the portal of the university. These terms and policies are made by the university.

Forgot your FSUID?

Your user ID is provided to you after your registration process is over. If you have not yet registered yourself end up with the process soon.

During logging in to the portal you need to provide your FSUID. 


  1. From your default browser go to the login page of the portal.
  2. Tap login help.
  3. Choose forgot user ID.
  4. Enter your contact details which can be either your phone number or email address.
  5. If your entered phone number is valid and is found linked to any account you will receive an OTP, enter it correctly in the given space to get your registration number and FSUID.
  6. Use this id now to login to your myFSU account.

Note: You can save the id so that you may not need to generate it again.

Forgot your password?

There is nothing to panic if you have forgotten your password. The procedure is almost similar to  your other social networking sites. 

Steps to be followed

  1. Go to  the login page of the portal.
  2. Tap forgot password.
  3. Make sure your registered mobile number or email is active then.
  4. You receive an OTP to that number within a time period of max a minute.
  5. Put your OTP within the limited time as displayed on your screen.
  6. Tap change password once your OTP is verified. Write the new password.
  7. Confirm your new password again.
  8. Now you can this password and login to myFSU going back to the home page of the portal to login your account.

Note: Tap remember me option below the password to save it in your device for easy login.

Conclusion on MyFSU

Almost hundreds of students across the golbe are using MyFSU portal being a part of the Florida State University. They have been registering themselves by paying lakhs of rupees online without any case of fraud till date with theri highly secured codes. The platform provides you a highy attractive and easy interface. The students easily can get online classes and order their required study materials from this page. Teachers also has a separate admin access where they upload online lectures so that the students can get them any time from any part of the country. Live classes with online tests are very common nowadays in almost every schools and universities. FSU is also one of those advanced universities of the country to provide these facilities to their students. Besides scholarship facilities, this also makes them tops the list of the best universities of the country.


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