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Lifetouch Inc. is one of the largest photography companies in America. It is highly rated and reviewed by the customers. The headquarters situated at Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States often remain flooded with work.  Photography is an art with creativity. The employees in this company are passionate and creative in their work. The company has different departments for different events. Teams from that department may visit your event on a specified time. 

The company provides a portal, named, Mylifetouch for the benefit of customers. Now, they can directly contact the company without any inconvenience. Here you can check the click photos. And hire them if you like their work. Customers’ reviews are given priority in the portal. You may check out those reviews, pros, and cons, before hiring this company. After the event, you may buy your images from the portal using your ID number ( photo ID /portrait ID). 

Mylifetouch coupons 

Do you want to get the benefits of coupons on your next shopping trip?  But first you have to buy the packages or single photos from this portal to gather coupons.  These vouchers may be saved under your ID, if you want to use these coupons you can select the option while buying the photos next time. 

How to buy images? 

Wanna buy some images?  Remember if you buy a package you are going to get coupons and get lots of offers on your next shopping trip. 

Follow the steps to buy photos :

  1. Open the official website of the company. 
  2. Login to the account for further process. 
  3. Click the support option among the headers on the right corner. 
  4. Now you have to submit your photo ID/ portrait ID to see your images. 
  5. Under every image, a buy option is provided. If you want to buy specific images, you may click on the Buy Now button. If you want to buy the whole package, click Buy all among the headers. 
  6. Now you have to submit your name, postal address, phone numbers and email address. The delivery may reach to your postal address within the stipulated time. 

Note: If there is any damage in the product, you may return the parcel and demand a new one. 


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