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Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), a private university, founded in the year 1932, is located between Manchester and Hooksett, New Hampshire. It is one of the fastest developing universities in the United States. With basic facilities like online coaching, open enrollment policy makes the  University’s expansion easy.

Besides having 161 full-time instructors, SNHU has 5,798 part-time instructors and almost 20 instructional assistant graduates. Apart from these, a considerable amount from the University is sent in advertising.

In this advanced era,  online programs in every University, school, or in the work sector are supposed to attract extra attention from the people across the world. Similarly, in MySNHU, due to online programs, the number of students enrolled increased by approximately 8,000. These new changes enhance the overall growth of the University. 

SHNU Online programs 

SHNU Online programs 

Meet your adviser online who will give you proper guidance, encouragement, and help so you can focus toward the goal.

  • Online coaching has drastically increased the popularity and number of students in SNHU.  
  • This online coaching allows flexibility to set your schedule for online classes. 
  • For interactive classes, COCE has hired a huge number of full-time and part-time professors.
  •  Despite lots of criticism from alumni and educators outside of SNHU, University has over 3,000 students on campus and over 80,000 students online(Should be focused on a considerable number of students online).
  • Graduation becomes easy when instructors balance reality expertise with a passion for education.
  • A vast range of areas of study is available for students worldwide.  From accounting & finance to art & design, criminal justice to health, almost every essential field covers in SNHU. 
  • Bachelor’s degree online and on-campus square up the in-depth details on the career-focused. 
  • One can complete a master’s degree in a few 15 months at SNHU. More than 100 graduate programs are offered.  No GMAT or GRE required. 

However, SNHU’s recent advertisement emphasizes on non-profit-making University and is a highly recommended online University for study. 


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