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SNHU Financial Aid


Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) offers financial aid to sure students. To determine eligibility for financial support from SNHU, one must fill the free application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA). One should not assume himself not eligible for financial support from SNHU. 

However, one must fulfill the following criteria to receive financial aids:

  • Students must get enrolled in the University. 
  • He/She should possess a high school certificate or any equivalent.
  • He/She is above 18 and not currently in the armed forces. 
  • He/She should be a citizen of the United States or have eligibility for noncitizens. 
  • He/She should have proper academic qualifications. 
  • He/She should not owe a loan. 

SNHU Financial Aid

Is a parent’s information mandatory? 

However, for financial aid, if one is required to include your parent’s information when you apply for financial assistance must be determined by the economic government. If one is considered as a dependent student of MySNHU, one must enter the parent(s) information on the FAFSA. Else if one is considered as an independent student, one must enter the news on your FAFSA and information for your spouse, if applicable.

Are you trying to fill a FAFSA application online? 

One should know the Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID to sign the application electrically. 

Don’t have a FAFSA ID? 

If you don’t have one, apply for an ID in the FAFSA application. 

Forgotten FAFSA ID? 

If you forgot FAFSA ID, request for a duplicate on the website. 

SNHU’s school code is 002580. Visit the FAFSA website to complete your FAFSA online. 

For SNHU campus students 

For SHNU online students 


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