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What kind of Theatre are at Sac State?


California State University, Sacramento (CSUS,  or Sac State) in Sacramento, California, was founded in 1947. Approximately 31,500 students have enrolled annually, the University has an alumni base of more than 240,000 and awards 7,838 degrees annually. The University has extensions in Singapore. 

The University comprises several colleges, such as Art &  Letter, Business Administration, Continuing Education, and many more.  However, Sacramento State is the only campus in the CSU that offers a bachelor’s degree in Cinematic Arts,  Digital cinematography, and professional performance.  

‘Four – Year Promise’ in the Theatre and Dance Department 

  • Department of Theatre and dance courses include acting, choreography,  dancing, designing a costume, light, and makeup. 
  • Generally,  ‘Four – Year  Promise’ is significant to square up the qualification of the student.
  • Theatre programs received quality training in acting, audition technique, design, musical theatre, history, literature, criticism, multicultural theatre, and film studies.
  • Dance programs receive training in dance style, production, performance, choreography, theory, and dance history.
  • This department awards several scholarships and financial aids every year.
  • The qualified students can get student assistantships and work-study assistantships. 
  •  The main objective of this department is to provide every opportunity for students to become more involved in the performing arts. 

MySacState Theatre Audition Information 

The general public can take part in the audition. If they are looking for non-union actors,  then anyone across the street can put up the golden coin. Being a winner is not as important as the process.  This is because it develops the skill and talent, and also the confidence and community spirit. One must register online before the audition. However,  casting preference is entrusted to current SacState Students. 

Sac State Theatre Buy Tickets 

There are 420 seats available at the University. Tickets can be brought before the shows.  One can make an online gift via the secure site, by mail or by phone. Apart from these, once your payment is confirmed regarding your ticket, an usher will help you out to select your seat(s).  Sponsorship does not promise that you can sit in your office while attending the show because the theatre performances are on the principle of first- come, first- served.


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